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Hunsaker Cemetery ~ William Miller ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Miller, William
LAST: Miller FIRST: William MID: 
BORN: 18 Apr 1829 DIED: 11 Apr 1904 BURIED: 
BIRTH PLACE:  Missouri
DEATH PLACE: Stayton, Marion Co., Oregon
Name of father Richard Miller
Maiden name of mother Nancy Fulkerson
Spouse – Elizabeth Jane Hunsaker 
1850 OR TERRITORY CENSUS - Wm. Miller, age 19, b. Missouri, is enumerated with Richard, age 55, b. Missouri, Nancy, age 54, b. Missouri, Monroe, age 22, b. Missouri, Lectus, age 24, b. Missouri, John, age 15, b. Missouri, and James, age 14, b. Missouri.
1880 OR CENSUS - Wm. T. Miller, age 52, occupation farmer, b. Missouri, is enumerated with wife Elizabeth J., age 44, b. Illinois, along with Joseph R., age 22, farmer, b. Oregon, Ellen E., age 19, b. Oregon, M. Fannie, age 15, b. Oregon, Andrew J., age 12, b. Oregon, and Melvil T., age 8, b. Oregon.
1900 OR CENSUS - William T. Miller, age 71, occupation farmer, b. Apr 1829 in Missouri, is enumerated with his wife of 49 years, Elizabeth J., age 65, mother of 6 children 5 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Aug 1835 in Illinois. 
DISCREPANCY – obit gives place of burial at Twin Oaks, but marker found at Hunsaker.
At the family home in Stayton, Oregon, Monday, April 11, 1904, Wm. Miller, aged over 70 years, of heart failure.
Deceased was an early Oregon pioneer and among the most respected and honored citizens of the state. He appeared in the best of health and spirits when he retired Monday evening, but he was seized with a violent fit of coughing and expired before relief could be afforded him. The funeral will take place today (Wednesday) at the Twin Oaks cemetery at Turner.
Oregon Statesman 13 Apr 1904 4:5
W.T. Miller
Born Apr 18, 1929
Died Apr. 11, 1904
[shares marker with E.J.]
J. Hunsaker
Bates Survey
Saucy Survey & Photographs
1850 OR TERRITORY CENSUS (Yamhill Co., FA #203) 
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Turner, ED 86, pg 142C)
1900 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Stayton, ED 142, sheet 11A)
OS 13 Apr 1904 4:5

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