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Hunsaker Cemetery ~ Elizabeth Jane Hunsaker ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Hunsaker, Elizabeth Jane
LAST: Hunsaker FIRST: Elizabeth MID: Jane
BORN: 1829 DIED: 2 Oct 1903 BURIED: 
BIRTH PLACE:  Missouri
Name of father Richard Miller
Maiden name of mother Nancy Fulkerson
Name of husband Thomas Howard Hunsaker
1870 OR CENSUS - Elizabeth Hunsaker, age 39, b. Missouri, is enumerated with husband T. H. Hunsaker, age 43, occupation farmer, b. Illinois, along with M.A., male, age 18, b. Oregon, Geo. W., age 16, b. Oregon, Nancy E., age 15, b. Oregon, Jas. J., age 13, b. Oregon, Naomi, age 10, b. Oregon, William L, age 10, b. Oregon, Martha R., age 6, b. Oregon, and Celia M., age 4, b. Oregon.
1880 OR CENSUS - Elizabeth J. Hunsaker, age 49, b. Missouri, is enumerated with T. H., age 55, occupation farmer, b. Illinois, along with J. Jasper, age 22, b. Oregon, William L., age 20, b. Oregon, Martha F., age 15, b. Oregon, and Cora May, age 14, b. Oregon. Also enumerated with the family is Ellie J., Parker, age 5, identified as step-daughter, b. Oregon, and Jasper McKerm, age 23, identified as a hired hand, b. Illinois.
Elizabeth J.
Wife of 
T.H. Hunsaker
Jan. 1, 1829
Oct. 2, 1903
J. Hunsaker
Bates Survey
1870 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Lincoln Pct, # 1738)
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Turner, ED 86, pg 140C)

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